Hello and Welcome! My name is Professor Maziar Nekovee. I am the founder and Managing Director of 6G Lab at the University of Sussex, UK. I am also the Inaugural Dean of Sussex- Zhejiang Gongshang AI Institute. I joined the University of Sussex in 2017 after 17 years in mobile, telecommunication and consumer electronics industry (Samsung, BT, Philips). Prior to Sussex I was with Samsung Electronics where I was in charge of Samsung’s 5G research and collaborations across Europe and the UK as well as working with teams in Korea, Japan, India and the United States, helping to create some of the core 5G (the Fifth Generation Mobile Communication Standards ) technologies which you can now enjoy on your latest smartphones and other devices. I also had a leading role in developing and executing the Horizon 2020’s EURO 1.4BN R&D in 5G infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G PPP), and am currently deeply involved in shaping and leading the EURO 1.8 BN Horizon Europe’s Smart Networks and Services (SNS) Joint Undertaking to develop 6G in Europe, as full member of 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association (6G-IA) and Chair of NetWorldEurope ETP, WG for Enabling Technologies for Future Vertical Ecosystem Transformation and the UK 5G Innovation Networks (UK5G)

The focus of my Lab is to research, develop and demonstrate disruptive technologies for 6G (the next generation of mobile communication and networks). With 5G now widely available and being deployed, the time is ripe for academia and industry alike to invest in research and collaborations and lay the foundations of 6G.

Permanent Members

Prof. Maziar Nekovee (Managing Director)

Dr Dehao Wu (Senior Lecturer), AI for 6G PHY and MAC design, Visible Light Communications

Dr Reza Mohammadkhani (Lecturer), 5G/6G Massive MIMO, Milmeterwave Communication, Autonomous Systems for Verticals, THz Communication

Dr Aryan Kaushik (Lecturer), Signal Processing for 5G/6G, Integrated Communications and Sensing Millimeterwave Massive MIMO, Energy Efficient Communication Systems, Distributed Computing for Satellite Communications

Dr Ferheen Ayaz (Postdoc), Electric Vehicular Communication and Energy Neworks, Block Chain, Cybersecurity

Mr. Xiomien Meng (PhD Student), Reconfigurable meta-surfaces and intelligent reflective surfaces for THz communication

Mr. Vishwas Chandreshekar (PhD Student), Quantum Communication, Quantum Neural Networks

Mr. Chukwunazom Kingsley Ihim (PhD Student), Network Security

Dr Richard Rudd (Honorary Senior Lecturer) , Director Plum Consulting, millimetre wave and THz propagation and channel modelling

Dr Chris Marshall (Honorary Senior Research Fellow) IMEC, 5G/6G positioning and sensing

Dr Mahsa Zholfagari (Honorary Research Fellow), Microwave integrated circuits for 6G

Dr Yi Zhang ( Visiting Faculty from Yibin University and Sichuan University, China), Network analytics, Network modelling

Affiliated Members

Prof. Marco Peccianti (Director Emerging Photonics Lab), Dept of Physics, University of Sussex, THz Photonics sources and devices

Dr Arash Moradinegade Dizqah (Senior Lecturer), Dept of Engineering, University of Sussex, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV)

Dr Laurence Williams (Research Fellow), Sussex Business School, 5G/6G Sustainability and Policies

Dr George Parisis (Reader), Dept of Informatics, University of Sussex, Transport Layer and IP, next generation SDN

Dr Fan Zhang (Lecturer), Dept of Engineering, University of Sussex, Hydrogen-based Energy Systems


Mr Houwen (Andy) Wang, EDF Microgrids Project, 2020-2021

Mrs Sarah Soloman, Thales, Deep Neural Networks for Radar Spectrum Sharing Project, 2019-2020

Mr Lloyd Pellatt, University of Sussex, Deep Neural Networks for beyond-5G/6G Physical Layer Design Project, 2018-2019

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