School of Engineering and Informatics
Richmond Building 2C8
Brighton , Sussex BN1 9RH
United Kingdom

Hello and Welcome! My name is Maziar Nekovee. I am the founder and Director of 6G Lab at University of Sussex, UK. I am also Dean of the newly established Sussex Zhejiang GongShang joint AI Institute.I joined the University of Sussex in 2017 after 17 years in consumer electronics, mobile and telecommunication industry R&D (Samsung, BT, Philips), as a Professor of Telecommunication and Mobile Technologies. At Samsung I was in charge of the company’s overall research, technology development and collaborations in Europe and the UK towards 5G (the Fifth Generation Mobile Communication Standard ) which you can now enjoy on your smartphones and other devices. I also led the European R&D collaborative research in millimetre communications which has resulted in the blazing fast version of 5G (20 Gbps peak data rate, so 100 times faster than 4G) , which you will be able to enjoy on your 5G phones soon.

The focus of my lab is to research, develop and demonstrate disruptive technologies for 6G (the next generation of mobile communication and networks). I strongly believe that With 5G now commercially available and being deployed, the time is ripe for academia and industry alike to invest in research and collaborations in order to lay the foundations of 6G.


Prof. Maziar Nekovee (Lab Director)

Dr Dehao Wu (Senior 6G Fellow)

Mr. Xiomien Meng (PhD Student)

Dr Richard Rudd (Honorary Senior Lecture, Plum Consulting)

Dr Chris Marshal (Honorary Senior Research Fellow)

Mr Zakeyue Dan Kauma (MSc Student)

Ms. Cordi Scott (MSc Student)

Mr Pascal Zanker (MSc Student)

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